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Park Rules

Rajaji Tiger Reserve

  1. All Visitors enter the Rajaji Tiger Reserve at their own risk. Rajaji Tiger Reserve administration will not be responsible for any any kind of damages.
  2. Firearms of any kind are not permitted within the Tiger Reserve
  3. Don't get down from vehicle except at designated points (Mundal and Khara Chauki)
  4. Entry permits for day visit must be obtained at the respective entry gates. For night halt permit, kindly contact the office of the director
  5. Please through biodegradable litters into garbage bins only. You are required to carry your own bag for non-biodegradable litter and they should be disposed off in garbage bins outside the park.
  6. Playing of transistors, CD Player, Blow horn or any kind of music is not permitted in the Tiger Reserve
  7. Shouting, teasing, chasing animals, Feeding the animal is punishable offence.
  8. Visitors are required that they parked their own vehicle in designated area only.
  9. Permits issued to visitors are non-transferable and valid for single entry only.
  10. The Director reserves the right of Entry to the Rajaji Tiger Reserve.
  11. All visitors are governed by the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 and the rules made their under.
Rajaji Tiger Reserve rules and regulations

Tips for Visitors

  • Wildlife sighting is a matter of change.
  • Noises scare away animals
  • Patience and alertness helps wildlife sighting.
  • Wearing clothes that merges with natural surrounding enhances chances of wildlife sighting.
  • While staying inside the Park it is advisable to have aids like torches, basic medicines,bottled water etc.
  • Maintaing an observation diary and note your finding.


  • Wear dull coloured clothes like Khaki, olive green or grey. Bright clothes particularly white and red should be avoided.
  • Avoid use of perfumes, deodorant in park visit day.
  • Maintain absolute silence during Jungle drive, in vehicles and on the watch towers, otherwise you may miss the chances of observing wildlife.
  • Maintain a marginal Distance from the Wildlife and follow the guides instructions carefully .


  • Do not throw or leave trash, litter, peels of fruit and polythene etc., carelessly..
  • No entry after sunset and before sunrise is permitted in the Park, Night driving is Strictly Prohibited in the Park.
  • Rajaji Tiger Reserve is a fire hazard area. Visitors are advised not to kindly lit any fire or throw away lit matches and cigarette in the forest or on forest roads.
  • Fishing is Prohibited within the Tiger Reserve area.
  • Do not attempt to feed the wild animals.
  • Do not damage plant or animal life
  • Playing of Audio/Video cassettes players and transistors in the park is not allowed.
  • Fast driving over 30 km/hr. and blowing of horn is strictly prohibited.
  • Don't Shout, play music, keep mobile in Silent mode.
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